Sunday, September 1, 2013

flat glasses fashion in a kaleidoscope

Let's face it - remember a time from the baby boomers, dull and boring presbyopic glasses, is considered by those people who are unhappy, foot wear.
Of particular note is the presbyopic glasses folds flat, this is we and the trend of serious knitting coat ominous view their students: type top crusty old professor frame. Well, this is drawn out by a Hollywood studio stereotype.
But those days are gone for ever. - in twenty-first Century to replace the plain, flat glasses fashion in a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes for all surface.
* if you have an oval face, your glasses should be slightly wider than your face balance. The oval face longer than wide, square frame work.
* the narrow frame helps to balance the face, especially if the frame is slightly wider than your face. Avoid circular or large frame.
* added dimension square face, a selection box, very narrow, slightly wider than your face. Light frame will be soft hard square face angle.
* light or rimless glasses for heart-shaped face, as do the top or sides of the glasses frame detail.
Flexible choice of presbyopic glasses to consider another important point is to find your skin color. If you don't know what is the color of your skin, you have a look at the back of the wrist. If it has a blue, you are cold colors, if it has more golden light, then you have a warm and soft skin.
Warm and tender skin is the best supplement, natural, simple colors, such as red, orange, golden, amber, mustard or dull.
The most suitable for cold skin clear, bright color, such as silver, turquoise blue, purple, dark red and green clean.
In short, the plane mirror is versatile, interesting and flexible, so it should be decided the final choice of you, you feel the most comfortable frame and those that best suits your lifestyle and personal taste.

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