Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SPF is a kind of comparison

But, what are these numbers? Sun protection factor, SPF, ranged from a low of 2 to a high of 50, sometimes higher. Most of us know, SPF has something to do with the protection, the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. But in addition, the numbers were shrouded in a mysterious veil.
What is the meaning of SPF? SPF is a kind of comparison, the time taken before, the skin will start REDD without sunscreen. In addition, SPF applies only to UVB rays cause suntan sunburn, too.
For most people, Sunscreen SPF 15 to provide adequate protection, as long as the regular re apply for. However, those with sensitive skin, will benefit from higher SPF. People with fair skin, light or red hair, or moving to a certain altitude or tropical destination will also benefit from higher SPF. The general color is deep, not easy to burn, requiring only a modest SPF. Remember, when you select a higher SPF does not provide much more protection - it provides longer protection.
Other sunscreen products, Self tanning products and bronze colored skin, because skin not exposed to ultraviolet radiation, as the safest way to time the damage skin cells. These products do not provide sunscreen, unless expressly provided otherwise tag list spf. But remember, prevent bask in coefficient corresponding to a period of time, therefore, even if the product provides sunscreen, it will not continue, until you wash products in a few days.
Don't confuse between, UPF, SPF and EPF. As for AGES SPF (sun protection factor) refers to the sunscreen; UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) refers to the sun bathing, UV protective clothing and sun hat, sunglasses, refers to eye protection factor (EPF). The next step for you to buy a sunscreen product, be sure to ask, UPF, SPF or EPF certification.

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