Thursday, May 30, 2013

Forster's Sunglasses sale of Woolworths pontoon

This may shock you learn, sunglasses are not always used to protect people's eyes from the sun. Sunglasses history can be traced back to ancient China and Rome. According to reports, Emperor Nero of Rome through polishing gems like Gladiator fighting. In China in twelfth Century, sunglasses, even earlier. Sun glasses are the first time out of the lens, smoky quartz flat pane. These types of sunglasses are not corrected visual acuity or protection from harmful UV rays, but did not reduce glare. Chinese judges with dark glasses, to hide their facial expressions, they questioned the witness.
Sunglasses did not change further, until about eighteenth Century, because James Ayscough work. He experimented with tainted glasses lens. Ayscough's firm belief, blue or green tainted glasses may correct vision problems specific. Ayscough is not concerned,, protect the eyes from the sun's rays.
Sunglasses to the popular project, they are today when Sam Foster introduced, they experience a change in the United States in 1929. These sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun. Forster sold his sunglasses, the Atlantic city of New Jersey, on the beach. Forster's Sunglasses sale of Woolworths pontoon.
Today, sunglasses continue to progress. UV has almost become the industry standard, and sunglasses, can be used for various sports. There are many colors available for sunglasses, sunglasses have changed over the years and style. Prescription glasses have also been given color only appears when the light of the sun in the glasses. Oakley in 2004, development has a built-in digital audio player sunglasses brand. Now, many blind people wear sunglasses, and wearing sunglasses, you can find many famous celebrities. As can be seen, even if is a fictional character, wearing them. Sunglasses have come a long way, from their early history of Rome and china!

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