Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the medieval Chinese judges wearing glasses

They may be on the health of the eye, making driving safer, less glare, but let's face it, many of us buy Sunglasses completely unrealistic reason. Long-term and luxury, fame, sunny day in summer, more than a little Almighty charm, buy "cool sunglasses". Millions of cheap, expensive sunglasses wholesale sales do not trust their real interests, but in fact, they are almost all of us seems a bit sexy.
The earliest use of sunglasses is difficult. However, the depth of forerunner of today's back as far as possible the medieval Chinese judges wearing glasses, smoky quartz conceal their reaction. A direct ancestor of today's tone, however, created by the British inventor James Ayscough, he experimented with tainted glasses after being prescribed for people's health, so that they are sensitive to light. With the advent of the twentieth Century, the mass media culture, sunglasses became popular among actors are new film industry. Some people say, they wear them, in order to avoid the fans, in public, some people think it is to hide the fact super lighting to them in the early film producer has left deep red eyes.
In any case, sunglasses did not become truly popular, until the late 20's, when successful entrepreneurs previously less than women's hair products field began experimenting with injection molding equipment, so that the rapid production of sunglasses. Sam Forster, who in the Atlantic City Boardwalk Woolworth stores (location, location, location!) , started selling glasses, squinting Foster Grant under the name of art. Although in the early stage of the depression, glasses became instant fashion things, like Greta Gabo in their massive star photos must not impair their temptation. After 1936, the first polarizing sunglasses, developed by Edward land Polaroid film created with technology, reduce glare and eyestrain, wearing sunglasses, and added a practical interest important.

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