Wednesday, May 29, 2013

to select a supplementary function

Millions of people every day wear sunglasses. They represent a kind of fashion, race, age, gender and economic status. Of course, those who can afford the talent showing itself designer sunglasses in the rest, but the fact remains, sunglasses is and will always be one of the society's most loved fashion accessories.
All the different styles, shapes, colors and materials today, should not be too hard to find a pair of, will meet your taste. Because a pair of sunglasses feature at least as part of fashion accessories, it is important to select a supplementary function, color, and your face.
Sunglasses draws attention to your face, therefore, you need to, and at the same time the effects to a minimum, less than stellar characteristics, in order to highlight your best facial features. For example, if your face is round, it is best to wear sunglasses, geometric cut or tilt of the lens, but not round. The reason is, wear a round sunglasses, will highlight your face, making it appear more round. On the contrary, sunglasses, for example, rectangular lens will help create a rough comparison, taking four to five homes in the function. Emphasis will be put on the sunglasses or your eye area, not in your entire face.
Sunglasses can also make a great mask, if you want to downplay your face on a part of the. Is the most common facial features, people try to cover their nose. Simply put, a big nose is usually self - consciousness, often at all costs to draw attention away from it.
If you happen to have a big nose, you can wear sunglasses, will offset the impact of. For example, style and fashion experts recommend a pair of sunglasses, a large quantity, a wide range of frames. Because the frame will embrace your cheekbones a parcel to your ears, framework of thick, will pay more attention to draw away from your nose.

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