Saturday, May 18, 2013

three different types of frame material

There are so many different types of sunglasses in today's market, find a suitable pair, to adapt to their own needs, can be a very difficult task. A pair of sunglasses is the best should provide protection, from UV damage, is very durable, beautiful, as the wearer may have any special needs. Once a person has found a pair of appropriate, they should be the wearer may even forget that he or she is wearing them too comfortable! There are several factors to consider when buying sunglasses. Frame and lens choice, sunscreen, sunglasses objective should be considered.
The framework is essential, because it holds the glasses together, and to provide comfort and stability. The frame has two parts with different functions. Ear firmly by the arm frame glasses. Keep the lens frames the face and eye alignment. There are three different types of frame material: plastic, nylon, metal. All materials have different positive and negative. Plastics can usually find more cheap sunglasses. Unfortunately, the plastic is a lot less durable and crack more easily than other materials, so it is a good idea, plastic reinforced with metal rods in the bosom. Nylon is a good choice, because it is flexible, light and strong. If you are bending nylon, which have the ability to return to its original position. Framework material is metal, it is also a good choice, because it is strong and lightweight. However, the metal will more easily than nylon bend and break.
The hinge portion of the frame to keep the frame of the arms and face. The material of the two types of metal and nylon. The hinge of these two types is solid. Some hinge, and the glasses sensory crispness, will have the tendency not to stay in the face of the wearer clingy. For this reason, the hinge of higher quality can buy.

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