Thursday, July 11, 2013

a pair of Chanel sunglasses

These frames, in your face is no longer just hold the lens, can help you see the sun or prevention. Find a good designer has become a very important to the eye or sunglasses, sometimes difficult task, your face, matching of various shapes, those shapes frame. The purpose of this paper is to recognize your face is what types of shape to designer glasses help you decorate your face.
The different shapes of different shape and tone.
If you have an oval face, you are in the sun / glasses! Eye ellipse almost all style. Try wraparounds, shields, or square frame, rounded edges and higher temple. Pick up a pair of Chanel sunglasses, face the world style.
If you have a round face, frame, make the face look longer, thinner, such as equal to or slightly greater than in the face of the most extensive part. The brow bar designer sunglasses also pull the eyes upward, make the face look longer. Looking for more extensive frame angle / designer framing, such as rectangular style Gucci, Fendi glasses.
If you and a oval face of blessing, widen and shorten the face of sunglasses styles do not exceed the face is the widest part of. Like the Emporio Armani round or square designer glasses, looks great, and those short horizontal and vertical length frame.
A triangular shaped face has a narrow chin and wide forehead. Around the lower soft face stress and Marc Jacobs sunglasses or Dior glasses, a pair of eyes. Like the cat eye for style should be inclined outward, in the upper right corner and wide enough, to balance the jaw line. You can also try and no frame at the bottom of the metal frame, in order to meet your unique appearance.

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