Tuesday, July 9, 2013

aviator sunglasses lens combination

2010 is only a few weeks, prediction has surfaced for the upcoming spring fashion. Though the costume, which includes style, cut and color (and), designer sunglasses are somewhat subtle. Some designer brands, such as Ray-Ban and Stella Macartney (Stella McCartney) have revealed their spring series. Most of the design, so far, seems to be a step in the direction of more rich and colorful. Considering that in the past few years oversized sunglasses colorful nature - pink and purple lens frame, for example - just like the upcoming trend seems to be more to revisit the same retro style.
So far, we have seen a particular style gain popularity has been Wayfarer style. Although it seems to be popular last year and early nineteen ninties, new traveler style does not appear obvious different 20 years ago. However, despite the black Wayfarer Sunglasses they have a more classical style, the trend in 2010 these colors. Whether men or women sunglasses, bright frame - especially those neon lights - accent all other update 80's fashion. Although black or grey lenses can still work normally and red, turquoise, or neon green box, the other colors of the lens is also incorporated into this classic style.
Aviator Sunglasses also played this color function. Although seen in "cherish high aspirations" pilot on the century 80's style and the cobra has a unique masculine, from the past few years the aviator style more unisex. Although men still have black aviator sunglasses lens combination of basic metal frame, this is not always the case. Stella Macartney (Stella McCartney) upcoming aviator sunglasses, for example, still use the gray or black lenses with gradient style, but the framework is blue or red. This kind of style, add a bit of color, can compliment a variety of male and female appearance. Burberry sunglasses are one of the latest accessories designer labels, are very consistent with other collections - stylish, elegant appearance attract sb.'s attention.

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