Thursday, July 18, 2013

Large butterfly shape frame Anne sunglasses

Even if is a vampire, allergic to the sun, the Karen Walker sunglasses. Karen Walker blood this season's glasses, everyone should really sink their teeth. Collect appropriately called "celebrate the sun, with roots in the old frame, but was injected into the modern flare.
In true Karen Walker fashion, this season her glasses, modeled on the vampire is lively and attractive. Although we know we should be looking for in the campaign, it has the effect of a oppostie, let you want to grow vampire teeth matching to the picture you like.
Some of our most like sunglasses this season include:
Karen Walker DUPER strength sunglasses, Alex Chung, plastic large round P3 frame. About in the late 70's early 80's Retro inspired, like sunglasses craze began in Anne Hall. Also, be sure to check out the super duper strength. This is a liar, plastic frame thicker strength the same shape.
Large butterfly shape frame Anne sunglasses and chic, the most suitable for face very good. In a black cream accent and brown gradient lenses, just so perfect.
Finally, certainly not the least important, Deep Freeze is a classic Wayfarer, works great for men and women. It has a modern lines and delicate Karen Walker (Karen Walker) in detail, and in a timeless colour combination, color dot turtle green lenses.
Karen Walker need her eternal effortless style, her fashion line work so well, creating a truly remarkable series of glasses. So, whatever your taste, your teeth sinking to the collection, and pick out one must be "bloody" shadow. However, you should be warned, each one in the limited availability, when they go out of stock, it may mean months of waiting.

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