Saturday, July 27, 2013

the lens appearance beauty

Antireflection coating, as its name implies, is the surface of glasses lens, greatly reducing the reflection bounce 'Annoying from the lens surface coating on. This paint is driving at night, because it reduces the ideal choice from the oncoming headlight reflection. It can also reduce the annoying reflection from behind you, if you are sitting in your back a window. These coatings can reduce the reflection on the lens, improving the lens appearance beauty, can be more clearly seen in one's eyes almost appeared to disappear in the face when the lens. The lens is generally given dark blue / green reflection. Antireflection coating, can be found in all kinds of optical instruments, such as binocular lens, camera lens and prescription glasses. Strongly recommended that the coating as an auxiliary means, in order to better view.
A hard coating is applied to the surface to protect the lens to reduce the possibility of scratching the surface of the lens from the daily wear. Glasses lens your scratches on the surface will damage your eyes and wear the visual quality. Photochromic lenses
The lens changes color in different lighting conditions, such as conversion can be in many different forms, reaction, and Colormatics. Different manufacturers have different brand names. In general, they have a gray and brown, but other colors available. This a series of lens enhanced to help prevent glare, automatically adapt to external conditions, which means that you can see more clearly, comfortable. They will help to protect the eyes fatigue, changes because of their light or constantly, and prevent the harmful UV rays, help protect the eye health. When you walk in the room, they soon lose color, so there is no need to continue taking them as traditional sunglasses. Polarized lenses
Polarized sunglasses glare from the water, let you see below the water line. Fishing is very favorable. Polarized lenses also extra water reflection of ultraviolet radiation, protect your eyes rest, so that your eyes feel not try at the end of the day.

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